Lian came my house in the afternoon to put her barang barang. Proceed to Hereen’s HMV to check whether her latest Kinki Kids CD single is out. To her disappointed it is not out yet. It was release the day before in Japan, so I think will take at least 3 or 4 days before HMV import it.

Walked round Plaza Singapura after that as we got 2 hours. Had a light snack at Mos Burger in Plaza Singapura. The ice milk tea there is nice but the portion of fries that is abit little even though I ordered a large fries. I can remember some item’s prices at Mos Burger. LOL. So I know how much to get ready.

Hulk lasted quite long, around 150 minutes. The movie is not bad although some parts can tell it is really fake. But I must say they did quite an impressive job on the CG part. I heard that this movie takes a long time to make.

Went for dinner at my favorite chicken rice stall near peace center. As usual after dinner we will always walk to eat the famous Tao Hui which is just a coffeeshop ahead.

Came home after that and watch Reign of fire VCD. I find the movie is abit crap, no wonder that time most of the reviews give it a low rating.

Shall continue my blogging on today after this post.