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Today is the official opening of North East Line MRT. This line will start from Harbour Front and goes up all the way to Punggol in about 30 minutes.

Had breadkfast with Lian today at my house’s downstairs coffeeshop. After eating, took bus 85 to Habour Front (previously known as World Trade Center) to try the new MRT. After I got out the bus, I saw a queue. At first I thought those people is queuing up to take the MRT. But luckily those people are queuing up to go to Sentosa because today is the opening of NEL (North East Line), they are giving out free admission tickets to Sentosa. As usual, when there is free stuffs, where got such thing as no queue. Even there is free tissue papers, also got people queue. That is our typical Singaporean behavior. Kiasu, Kiasi and Kiaboh.

It takes only about 20 minutes from Habour Front to Kovan. Very amazing. About 3 times faster than bus. Actually, Lian planned to go home and take her Nokia Warrenty Card so that she can upgrade her phone software and let her sister use, as her sister bought her a Sony Ericsson T68i (Hehe, she has finally join the Sony Ericsson gang). But she got housework to do, so end up did not go out with her.

My secondary school friends messaged me, asking whether to meet up. About 3 months since I last met them. So I met them at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Nothing much changed about them. Some broke off with their girlfriends and some got attached. LOL

Ate Teppanyaki at Great World City’s foodcourt. Went to OG to buy Lian my OP’s phone pouch. I am so luckily because it is the last one left. Phew.

Think I shall be sleeping till quite late tomorrow. LOL

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