Went early to City Link’s HMV to buy Lian the latest Kinki Kids single before meeting her at Raffles City. Proceed to Suntec City’s Nokia Care Center to get her old Nokia 8250 software upgraded. Spent the 2 hours walking round Suntec City.

Had a light snack at Burger King. The chicken cheese stick there taste more like flour stick then chicken cheese stick. LOL

EPB at Suntec City is having a clearance sale. The books are really cheap. Wanted to get a few php books but only can pay by cash or nets, so end up not buying it.

Took MRT to Doby Ghaut MRT station to change to the NEL to go to Compass Point. Doby Ghaut MRT station really is like a maze when you go there for the first time. I think is the most complicated MRT station in Singapore.

Walked round Compass Point and Lian need to go home. She took a bus home and I took the NEL to Outram MRT Station. Stood at the first carriage where you can like be “the driver of the train”. But I don’t think I will be going to the first carriage again for the time being. So many children and adults crowd that place and there are only 2 small windows for people to look through. Those people are retard. See for a few minutes already enough. They see until they alight at their stop. The sits beside the windows are all stepped by those children as they are not tall enough to see it. Crap. Make the chair till so dirty.

After being 19 years of Singaporean, sometimes I really feel disgrace being a Singaporean. Too many selfish and kiasu actions did by Singaporean sometimes really disgrace our nation.

Switch between Kindaichi on Channel 8 and Close Encounter Of The Third Kind on Channel i. I like Kindaichi shows, very mysterious and the way he always think out of the box. LOL

Anyway, Warcraft III: Frozen Throne is out on the Internet. 8 more days to the official release date.