Had lunch with my mom at Amara Hotel’s foodcourt. Ate the Korean food there. I must say that is the best Korean food I have ever ate.

Came home played abit of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Alot of stuffs have change and alot of stuffs have been added in. It really enhance the game alot. Now the max food is 100 instead of 90, which is much better. As Lian do not have Frozen Throne yet, I uninstalled my Frozen Throne and installed Warcraft III again to play with her multiplayer. It is quite bad as the uninstaller cannot uninstall Frozen Throne alone but the whole game.

Will be passing her a copy of Frozen Throne on Wednesday. Guess I will be hearing from PK Computer very soon to ask me go and collect my copy of Frozen Throne. LOL

Created a mysql backup script, now I can backup the site’s data much easier way rather than going through phpMyAdmin.

School holidays ending soon. Happy? Sad?

*Update* Wonder why there is no NE2 MRT station on NEL yet? Heard that it is reserved for Sentosa Station. Thanks Jacky for the info.