Actually suppose to have Tim Sum with my secondary school friends today, but guess that not much people is going, thus they never call me. So I presumed they cancelled it.

Had lunch by myself at my house downstair’s coffeeshop. Came home played a few rounds of Warcraft III with Lian. Will be pass her the Frozen Throne disc tomorrow, so hope by tomorrow we can play FT. Wonder Battle.LAN or LANCraft can be used. Hmmm

At night spend my time modifying the php + coolmon code to have my computer stats displayed on the WAP. But could not work. Damm WAP. I don’t even know what is the error but the funny thing is that my page is validated by w3schools. Argh. That sucks. Hope can figure out sooner or later.

Will be meeting my client tomorrow at 2pm at IMOH. But I will be meeting Lian first at Compass Point at 11am. Hope the NEL doesn’t goes retard on me tomorrow as it happens today.