Tomorrow will be the start of a new semester. And they have retarded rules to welcome us. First off, our School Of ICT/School Of Business gate is closed and we need to enter from Dover entrance to enter to SP. It is because that is the nearest temperature screening.

It is really very inconvenience for us ICT or Business people, because Dover MRT is so farking far away from our ICT/Business building. Grr. Take at least 10 minutes walk from there. So now if you are late for school, you will be even later.

Have to bear with all these retarded shit till 16 July 2003. Retarded SP and its retarded rule. As what Klaus has said, SARS period is considered over and SP then start taking measures with the expense of our inconvenience. Grr.

I think sure alot of people would not know about this of the first day and alight at the ICT/Business gate.

Argh. First week of school starts tomorrow.