Today is the first day of a new semester. Year 3, Semester 1. Time flies, so fast in year 3. Still remember those days when I was in Year 1.

Monday will be one of my most relax day. Go to school to discuss about FYP only.

After the discussion, went with Lian to Orchard for lunch at Mos Burger. She want to eat sausages and that is the only place I can think of beside Orange Julius. Bought my mom a Shawl for her birthday present, will be sharing 1/2 1/2 with my brother. Lian bought my mom the birthday card from Kinokuniya. Total spent about $52. LOL

Accompanied her to Hougang Central’s NTUC to buy some groceries. Went to another NTUC at Hougang South as the previous NTUC didn’t have stock for some facial products. Searched the NTUC at Hougang South, and it is worst, they didn’t even sell the product. But luckily this trip is not wasted. Saw a friendly shop and bought VS.NET 2003 (3 cds). Finally it is the ‘real’ 2003 version. Had a hard time trying to get my hands on it.

Crap, tomorrow will be my earliest day of the week. 8am lesson. Argh.