Went to Long John Silver for lunch with Lian opposite City Hall MRT station. Not too sure what you called that building. My memory is not in a good state now so cannot really remember stuffs. I really don’t want to think of this issue, but I just can’t control my mind.

If only no one is involved besides we two, I think I will feel better. Now I really hope that the FYP can stress me till that I will not think of this issue. It really hurts.

I think the case between Lian and I can be closed but the case between my friend and I shall be closed for the moment.

Klaus did told me a phrase that I will always remember. Quote “Relationship And Friendship Doesn’t Come Hand In Hand”.

Coded finished my FYP article admin section and the user section. Now will start coding on polls, if not we are really behind time. Haiz.

That is the temporary solution now, drown myself with work.