Actually wanted to meet my client today, but he got a few meetings, thus our meeting is postponed to Friday after 5pm. Because of this I am able to make it for my first National Skill(Web Design Trade) meeting today.

I didn’t really mention that I am taking part in National Skill Competition for the Web Design Trade. Was chosen by my GAME lecturer to enter the National Skill Competition along with 2 of my classmates, Elaine and Hangwei. 3 from DMMT, 2 from DIT, 3 from DICT. Total 8 persons, but only 6 can make it to represent SP.

If possible, we most likely will be doing our industrial attachment by learning all this stuffs. Get paid to learn. Not bad. LOL. First prize is 3k in cash and you get to represent Singapore for the World Skills Competition. I don’t really aim to win anything because it isn’t easy, just join to get the experience.

Tried out SP wireless LAN today on the school’s laptop. I thought it was very difficult to set up as I changed alot of network settings to fit in my home LAN. I didn’t expect it was that easy. Just plug-in the WIFI card, and use SP proxy server and vola. The Internet speed is very fast. I think it is on a separate backbone. Imagine downloading a file on HTGK with a constant speed of 700 kilobytes per second. Woot

Watched Bad Boys II, very solid movie. Movie lasts about 130 minutes. Of course if you are under 21 in Singapore, you can’t watch it, because it is R-Rated(RA). Don’t know what is wrong with Singapore censorship board. Singapore is too conservative.

No fyp meeting for me tomorrow. LOL