Spend the whole afternoon tidying, renaming and re-organizing all my english mp3s, totaling to about 1900 songs. Shall be doing that to my 200 chinese mp3s tomorrow. My ratio of english mp3s to chinese mp3s is like 1:10. LOL. Now all my english mp3s have proper ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.

Borrowed from WilloWisp a splitter to further split my SCV point to test whether there will be a lose in signal if I buy a new TV and put it in my room. To my surprise, the signal lost is very minimal. My room SCV point will have 3 splits, 1 to my brother’s room TV and 2 to my room(TV and Internet).

Continued coding the polls section for my FYP, about 50% done. Progress not that bad. Will be meeting my FYP client tomorrow.

This post has an ID of 500 and today is the last day of July. Woot

*Update* Finally updated my playlist with 2075 songs, 141 hours 48 minutes 27 seconds of non-stop music and 8.8 GB worth of music.