Went to foodcourt 1 for lunch. The western food there is very famous for years. After eating, on our way to the bus stop, got caught by a lecturer there for no wearing my lanyard. Luckily just warning only as we are from school of ICT. But that lecturer say he will send a mail to our director about this. How unlucky can my this semester get. All the way downhill for me.

Went to meet my client at HPB. After the meeting, we went to the open space at 2nd level which we called “Wu Ding(Roof Top)” to further discuss about fyp. It is quite handy to have a laptop around at times, but the downside is that the battery can last for 2 hours only.

Went to Lavender food center for dinner, ordered quite a variety of food. The wan ton mee there is famous and the “Xiao Long Bao” there is good.

Tomorrow got ELIT lecture to replace the lecture next week, which falls on national day. Think shall sleep early tonight. Tired.