Went to watch Tale Of 2 Sisters With Fiona and co at PS in the evening. The show was quite scary. Of course being the timid one, I covered my face at times. The storyline is so-so only, the movie was quite long though. Still prefer The Unborn.

Sat down at Star Bucks for a cup of coffee and chit chatting. Drank the double shot ice espresso, and that causes me to sleep at 3.30am today.

Met up with some of my fyp group members today to go down to GMIT Building at Commonwealth to test our site on their development server. To our surprise, everything went on very smoothly besides the inability to write text file on the server. We only spent 30 minutes there. LOL

Head on down to Marina Area, thought the Comex 2003 IT exhibition starts today, but actually it starts tomorrow. We didn’t really waste that trip as we went to eat the famous Minced Pork Noodle at Marina Square for lunch.

Marina/Suntec/City Link area reminds me alot of the past. Those were the days.