Just as went I thought I was going to get over this issue which has been there for the past 2 months. That issue makes an unexpected turn, unexpected bad turn I would say. I have never expected it to be that person. Well guess that life is very unpredictable.

25th August 2003 is their day, 26th August 2002 is the day last year that we got together. I don’t know why, but I can remember all these dates so well. I am a very forgetful person, those things that I want to remember I will tend to forget, those I want to forget I always will remember. How ironic.

Things can never be the same again, but then maybe few years down the road, I will look back and it will be a laughing matter. Is the growing up process. Part and parcel of life.

Throughout this 2 months process, got closer to many of my friends. Thanks guys and girls.