Been busy for the pass few days because of ELIT. Handed in our ELIT assignment today. We also had our ELIT presentation today. It was a rather a short one and not that serious as FYP. Finally 1 module assignment down and 2 more to go excluding FYP

After the presentation, came back home and changed before going to school again for my GAME practical class.

Went to meet my client after the GAME class. Today meeting the client was a bit disappointing. The stupid school notebook keep giving me video memory dumps errors. Tried SO MANY times and still cannot enter into Windows. After the loading screen of Windows on DOS, it will just give me the damm error. The only way I can enter Windows is by safe mode, it kinda serve no purpose here.

We do not have choice but to show him our outdated Quietroom site on the testing server at Health Promotion Board. Their WAN connection is SLOW.

Mom went to set up her stall for the Singapore Food Expo at Expo today. The Food Expo starts tomorrow(18th September 2003) to Monday(22nd September 2003) at Singapore Expo. Will be helping my mom out tomorrow. The stall number is B02. Do visit us =D