Woke up at quite late today, 2pm. LOL. Want to correct some mistakes that I have made in the last post. Is is Singapore Food Expo and NOT Singapore Food Festival. It will be on from 18th September 200) to Monday(22nd September 2003) and NOT till Sunday.

Back to the topic. Went to help my mom at 4.30pm. Helped to arrange the goods, stock goods and to collect money. Business was not too bad considered it is a weekday and the first day of the food expo. This year, they open the whole hall 5, last year was only 1/2 if I am not wrong. Thus, it is very spacious and the lanes are very wide. No more squeezing and extreme slow walking.

In terms of food is almost the same as last year, quite a lot of variety. But I don’t know what does Starhub have to do with Food. They have a stall there. As far I can remember, this year lack the $1 yong tao fu and the crepe with ice cream.

One thing good working there is that you can never go hungry. So much food. Just walk 1 round and eat all the sample food, you will be quite full. LOL

Here is some advertisement. Buy any 4 Pretz for $3 and get a Milk Pocky free. So is 4 boxes for $3. =D. Remember is Stall B2 (extreme left lane when you enter). Thai Glico.