Been very very busy for the past 2 days at the expo and that explains why I didn’t update this blog.

First off some sad news, there is an explosion at one of my house downstairs coffeeshop, block 112. A gas tank exploded at the western food stall. 1 person was injured, not sure whether is the uncle looking after the stall or my friend looking after the stall. Whoever he is, I wish him a speedy recovery. That explains why when I came home on Friday, I saw fire engines and police car. The first thought that came to my mind is people commit suicide. After asking my dad’s friend, then I know what happens.

Yesterday, went to Orchard’s Wheelock place the Crumpler’s shop and bought another small Crumpler’s pouch for my mp3 player. Cost me $17.90. Ouch! Went to Expo to help out my mom later. It was quite crowded compared to Thursday, but still have space to walk through.

Today, went to the Expo at 10.30am. Today’s crowd was really terrible. It was so crowded, I think more crowded than last year’s Sitex 2002 held at Expo also. Even though the lanes are very wide this time, but it is still VERY congested. Take around 10 minutes to walk from the start of the lane to the end of the lane. I don’t even have the mood to go out to buy food after seeing the crowd. I hate squeezing with people and crowds, thus most of the time I will be in the booth unless my friends come or when I need to go to the toilet.

Speaking of friends, Jacky, Laily, Lay Hiang and Serene came today. Initially was too busy to leave the booth, but after a while, when there is lesser crowded, I left the booth and went to walk around with them. Sorry guys and girls, cannot go out with you all, was busy. Hehe, next time. =D

Jean and Zhi Wei came too, both of them stayed and helped me mum out till 10pm. Thanks alot, really appreciate it. =D

Tomorrow will be going to Bukit Timah Hill with Serene and Co, if I am not tired after the hike, shall go and help out my mom. But I guess, tomorrow’s crowd will not be as much as today.

By the way, I am helping my mom in the backend stuffs and not the frontend stuffs (like shouting). Don’t know why, I like backend stuffs so much. LOL

To all my friends: YOU ALL ARE THE BEST! Cheers =D