Woke up at 7.15am today. Went for hiking at Bukit Timah Hill with Serene, Suqin and Lay Hiang. Jacky and Laily cannot make it because they want to sleep. Talking about sisters and brothers. LOL

We took a shorter path to the summit because of time constraint. I think most of the path are man-made. Saw many interesting insects on our way up especially the huge ant carrying an ant egg I presumed. Half-way through saw a stream of following water. Although it is man-made, it is very nice the water is clear and I tasted it a little. No funny taste. =D

After the tiring hiking, went for breakfast at MacDonalds. Long time since I ate big breakfast. Yummy.

Was deciding to go home to sleep after that or to go expo to help my mom. End up going home to sleep. Slept from 1pm all the way to 6.30pm. Really took revenge on my sleep. LOL

Dad fetch me to expo to help my mom to take over my brother’s job. He is there since 11am and he still have school tomorrow.

Haiz, feeling sick now. My nose is so hardworking that it ran non-stop. Must be the smoke inside the expo. Those cooking stall all no exhaust, make the hall so smoky. Just took a flu tablet. Hope it is effective, else I cannot go and help my mom tomorrow as I think she really need help tomorrow since most of the workers will be in the office working.