Didn’t go for school yesterday as I went to help out my mom at the Expo. Thought last day the food expo will not be that crowded, but it is almost the same as Sunday. And surprising the sales of the last day beat all the previous days. Woot. Luckily my brother and I went down to help, else I think really short of man-power in the afternoon.

Had my usual GAME practical lesson today, started work on my pacman maze. Hope it will not be that difficult. I really very afraid of GAME assignment. It is quite tough compared to JSPG. Total left 3 assignments, GAME, JSPG and FYP. Wonder can I finish all these assignments on time. Sighz.

Wanted to go watch movie alone and on the way go and buy Command & Conquer Generals Expansion: Zero Hour. Don’t know why I suddenly few like watching movie. Went to GV Marina to watch Hollywood Homicide, so coincidence, saw Luvi and co, thus end up watching with them the movie. They have already bought the tickets, so I just bought another ticket beside them. Anyway, that movie sucks. Don’t watch it. Bought my game from PK Computer at Suntec City. Really broke, cost me $44.90.

Now the game I am looking forward to is Half-Life 2. Had already pre-ordered my 2 copies(one for my brother) from PK Computer at Hereen last week.

Played the first USA mission of Zero Hour, it is fun as usual but seems to me that it is abit lag on my GeForce 4 Ti4600. My computer is getting outdated as days passes.

I think for the following week must be hardworking, didn’t touch on my FYP for a week and I am feeling so guilty. Must really rush.

My 2nd driving practical lesson will be on this coming Thursday. Yay.