Had my usual lessons on a normal Wednesday. Went for 2 briefings about ITP(Industrial Attachment). One for overseas attachment, one for local attachment.

For the overseas attachment, we were brief on 2 universities, University Of Melbourne(Australia) and Middlesex University(UK). Well, for overseas attachment it is going to be very expensive. For Middlesex University, the school fees for a year cost 8000 pounds, which is around 24K Sin dollars, the good thing about it is that we only need 1 year to get our degree, whereas for the University Of Melbourne, even though it is cheaper, it will take us 2 years to get a degree.

Didn’t know our admission to local university have changed. It is no longer top 5% of your course. Now they based on individual basis. 60% poly grades, 25% SAT and 15% O Level results. NTU doesn’t have the course I want, so it shall be NUS. Bachelor of Computing : Communication & Media is the course. Hope I can get into it. Afraid of the SAT english test.

Actually wanted to watch 28 Days, but most of them are tired after the 2 briefings, thus we postpone this movie outing to Saturday.

Had dinner at Long Beach Marina as my long distant cousin from China will be going back tomorrow.

Installed Tomcat 5.0 for my JSPG. It is SO MUCH better than Tomcat 3.2.4. Setting it up is no hassle at all. Did my database in access and templated my layout. Think will start coding tomorrow.

2nd practical driving lesson tomorrow.