Had breakfast at Ikea. The special meal for the day is vegetarian bee hoon. Not that bad and it is cheap, $1.50 only.

Had my 2nd driving practical lesson. Mine is a fixed group. There are 2 instructors, Mr Tang and Mr Lee. My first lesson was Mr Lee, today was Mr Tang. It was raining very heavy today, but not that bad, still can drive per normal. Almost forget all the things that I learned from the first lesson. After a few rounds of warm up, things start coming back to me. It was fun nevertheless. My next lesson will be on Monday and is Mr Lee.

Went to watched The Italian Job alone at GV Tiong. Wanted to watched it at GV Grand, but it was raining cats and dogs and there is no shelter from the bus-stop to Great World City, so end up watching it at Tiong Bahru Plaza. The show is around 2 hours long, the show was not bad, it is so much better than hollywood homicide.

I like the part when there is 3 armored vehicles and only 1 of them carries the gold, and how they know which truck carries the gold? They measure the depression of the back tires. That really never cross my mind when I was watching it.

Overall watching movie alone is not that bad, just that abit lonely especially before the show starts and after the show ends, no one to talk to.

Finally I continued my work on my FYP, been neglecting it for weeks.

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