Mom’s Company Dinner

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Stayed back in school after my JSPG practical lesson to help Serene with her fyp regarding php. Don’t know why the more the code/logic cannot work, the more I want to solve it. Been a long time since I touched php with ereg/eregi. But nevertheless, I managed to solve it after hours of debugging and thinking. Feel a sense of satisfaction.

Went to Orchard with Jacky after that to buy my fourskin shirt and on the way buy birthday present. Bought 2 new fourskin t-shirts.

After all the shopping, went for dinner at Long Beach Marina again. My mom’s company had a dinner there today to so called reward all the workers for their hardwork they have put in at the 5 days expo. The company sales was so good that my mom is going to book the stall for next year on next week.

Started some serious work on my jspg. I kinda think that jsp is very sucky, so many opening tags for so many purposes. Can’t they have a standard opening tag just like php or asp. Spent around 30 minutes trying to figure out how the heck I am going to connect to the database using .jsp files. Played around till I got so frustrated with it that i decided to use Servlet to connect instead of jsp. Thus my database class is done.

More serious work will start tomorrow. Getting kinda tired now.

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