Had laksa at Depot Road for my breakfast before going to school to attend ELIT lecture. I think today ELIT lecturer is the most interesting one. The lecturer talk about RIAA, piracy, canning, gang members. I think he is one of the most interesting part-time lecturer in the whole of SP even better than some full-time lecturer. Without failed, his jokes will make the whole lecture hall laugh even though it is a lame one.

Went to celebrate Serene’s birthday after the lecturer. First stop is lunch at Ponderosa in Marina Square. Had black pepper steak. I just love their steaks there. I think I prefer Ponderosa than Jack’s Place. Ate 3 pieces of chicken from my friends as they cannot finish it and I am so bloated. Spent around 3 hours there chatting and playing games.

Took some photographs at the steps just outside Mac Donalds. Laily must be feeling happy after we did something that she never expect us to do. LOL. Read Laily’s blog on Monday for more information.

Proceed on to Esplanade roof top where we can look down at the Amphitheater. We sat there from 6.30pm till they close at 9pm. Did many things there, chatting, singing songs and playing some games. I think the singing song is my favorite part. Mostly sang some english and chinese oldies.

We did not give up chatting. I think 5 of us(Jacky, Laily, Lay Hiang, Serene and I) love to chat. Went to Pacific Coffee at Citylink to continue our conversation till 11.30pm, and thats where we decided it is late and time to return home. LOL

Cheers to Jacky, Johnson, Zhi Wei, Jean, Su Qin, Laily, Lay Hiang and Serene.

Thanks to Serene for the Ponderosa treat and Happy 19th Birthday Serene!!!

Had a great day with great company and great food.