Had breakfast at The Nudle Bar at Hereen yesterday. Went to buy another fourskin shirt. It is an old design, thus it has a 20% discount. I did ask alot of times for different designs, but all of them my size is out of stock. So end up buying one only. My brother wanted to buy also, but alot of them the sizes are out of stock.

Bought 100 pieces Imation brand CDRs from PK Computer. The funny thing about PK Computer is that they don’t sell SmartBuy normal CDRs, so no choice had to try out other brands.

Went over to Hello@Orchard to see the new N-Gage and the 3G Phone display. The N-Gage is cool especially the graphics even though it is in 4096 colors. But then I find it no point in playing game on your handphone it just sucks your battery dry, I rather use it to listen to mp3 if possible.

Didn’t get to really play with the live demo of the 3G phone because the promoter girl there has really a fucked up attitude and we are so pissed off with her, even the ang moh before us also got pissed off with her. My mom almost wanted to tell her off saying that “if you don’t feel like serving us, don’t serve.”.

Went over to the new Paragon extension and bought a shorts from Ripcurl. Those beach wear types of shorts.

Met up with Laily and Lay Hiang to buy someone’s birthday present. Jacky had a sore throat and got ACAN to do, thus he couldn’t make it. Serene went out with her family, thus also cannot make it. So left 3 of us.

Practically walked from Hereen to Far East Plaza and back. Walked till my leg is so sour(suan). Took dinner at Cineleisure’s foodcourt. All of us ate duck rice. LOL

Went to Gramophone at John Little Building. The shop sells used and as well as new CDs. Pretty cool, if you can’t find the CD you are looking for because it has been many donkey years ago, you can try it there.

Came home, didn’t took a rest but rush my JSPG assignment. Time is short, must work hard. 3 weeks, 3 assignments, 3 deadlines.

Seriously anything to do with JAVA really sucks. JSP sucks, give my php or asp anytime. It really takes a nerd to be good in JAVA. Crap.