Went to school today for FYP discussion. Damm I really hate documentations. 25 pages of documentation for the project itself. I think the appendix will be at least 300 pages because the programming codes alone take up 200+ pages. LOL

Had my 8th driving lesson today, almost witness an accident. The car is turning at a vey fast speed and it is green man. A boy ran across, then the car never even stop or horn, luckily the boy reaction is fast. I think the boy is around primary 5. Then today almost knock into a taxi, because the taxi just stopped suddenly. I seriously hate the way taxi drivers drive. They can stop anywhere and anytime they want without giving out advance notices. They really have fucked up driving etiquette.

Think will be doing my FYP till 3am today and will be skipping GAME practical lesson tomorrow. Time to clear my leave to do project. LOL

I need to submit my part of the documentation by Friday night. Argh.