Just Submitted my JSPG Assignment – Online Auction, even though there are some weird bugs like IllegalStateException and ResultSet Closed. I have really no idea how to solve it as it happens on and off. So I can only pray that there will not be any error during my JSPG Assignment Interview.

Yesterday didn’t go to school for GAME lesson, stayed at home and did my FYP. Our FYP now is 99% done and 90% bug free not including documentations. Man, I really hate documentations, but it is a sad fact that no one can escape from it. 2 days to complete my part for the documentations, hope I can make it in time.

Class ended at 12pm for me . Stayed back in school till 5pm to help out my classmates in their JSPG Assignments.

Will be having my 9th driving lesson tomorrow and after that will be going to school to help out my classmates in JSPG. You guys owe me treats after exams =p.

*Note* Thanks to para for creating the site header logo for my JSPG assignment =p

Here are some screenshots of my JSPG and FYP websites => | JSPG Assignment | FYP Quietroom | FYP CBT |