3 days didn’t update my blogs. The past 3 days was extremely busy for me. Busy with my FYP and busy helping my friends out with their JSPG assignments.

But luckily now most of these things are over. Just 2 more days to my FYP deadline. And the best part of it is that on my FYP final presentation day on Tuesday, 21st October 2003, I have my GAME test from 8.30am to 10.30am and from 11am to 12.30pm is my FYP presentation time slot. Very very stress up. Don’t even know whether there is enough time for me to study for my GAME test.

Today and Tomorrow(Sunday) my group members will be at my house from morning all the way to the night preparing for the FYP presentation.

This whole week is very “xiong”, I think most of us do not even have enough sleep and rest. But hang on tight my friends, just bear it for a few more days and after everything, we can enjoy ourselves, but of course in the meantime need to study for exams. LOL

Good luck to all my friends doing their FYP, ACAN, JSPG and AAUP.