Went for my ELIT excursion to CID, Technology Crime Division on Saturday. Basically I did not learn much from it. Was hoping that they will show a demo on how they trace hackers but sad to say, it is confidential and they cannot show it. Actually I am quite interested in the job scope but there is no direct entry to it, you need to work as a policeman for 5 years and they will head hunt you. If I want, I can sign on in army for 5 years. But then I don’t think being a policeman is what I want even though the benefits is very attractive.

My group members came my house after that, did FYP till in the night. We had pizza for dinner. Long time since I ate pizza.

Today, my group members came also, this time most of our documents and power point slides are finalize. We just need to go to school and bind it together. We separated the source code from the main report because it is too thick to be binded. Deadline is tomorrow at 5pm.

Tomorrow will be preparing for my presentation and studying for GAME test. It is so lame to have an exams before an important presentation. Crap.

Good luck to all DMMT Stage 3A students taking Final Year Project. =D