Finally handed in our Final Year Project which consists of about 400 pages of documentations, poster design and the source code. All our hardwork for the past 16 weeks finally paid off. Even though the at the start of the FYP, we faced quite a number of problems, we still managed to finish everything on time, and that is a very good achievement for us.

Tomorrow will be FYP presentation at 11am, but before that I will be taking my GAME exams till 10.30am. I hope the paper is easy so that I can leave early and have 1 final rehearsal for my presentation.

To all my group members, Ai Lian, Alvin, Jie Lin, Suqin and Wei Lin. It has been great and enjoyable working with you all for the past 16 weeks. Cheers to us for a successful FYP. Looking forward to our group BBQ. LOL