Had my GAME test yesterday, rushed through the test and I finished it within an hour even though it is a 2 hour paper. LOL

My FYP presentation yesterday was not that good as compared to the Interim presentation. Our project supervisor said that the presentation was not that good but the demonstration was ok. But we feel vice versa. The whole session should be around 90 minutes but we took less than 60 minutes to finish the whole thing. Suppose to have hands on but all the judges doesn’t want hands on.

During the question and answer session, the total question ask is less than 10 which is very little compared with the interim. Really don’t know there is something wrong with us or with them. Out of 5 judges only 1 which is the project coordinator seems to be interested in our presentation. One of our judges yawn 2 times throughout the presentation. Really crap.

Took some pictures with my classmates because most of us are wearing formal. If there is time, will upload it after my exams.

Today had my JSPG assignment interview, the lecturer didn’t even give me a chance to finish talking and he say “thank you and next please”.

Came home installed my new HDD, sad to say I don’t know how to use RAID and I think in order for RAID(0) to work, I need 2 hardisks. I tried to connect 1 only, but it doesn’t boot to Windows XP. Crap. So I need to remove 1 of my 40gb HDD and replace it with the 120gb HDD or I use RAID(0) with 2 40gb HDD and the 120GB HDD. So the most I can get is only 160gb in total.

The matrix hype started, wanted to book for the Matrix Marathon at GV Plaza, but it is 2/3 full and left the first 5 rows from the front. Argh….need to reconfirm with my friends again.