Hope is not too late to wish all Indians a Happy Deepavali.

Yesterday went for my 11th driving lesson, which is in the night. At night there is much more cars than in the day and I thought it should be the opposite. Guess I going to complete stage 2 of the driving soon, there are a total of 5 stages.

Had dinner at Old Kallang Airport hawker center. Ate the fish soup steamboat. I was wondering how come the owner know my mom, and my mom told me that before she got married she already patronized the stall, but last time it was at another place. Woo, so that makes the stall been around for more than 20 years.

Today, went to Plaza Singapura after much renovation to it. Travelators are everywhere now because of the new Carrefour there. They changed the way the traffic regulate in the carpark and it causes alot of inconvenience. Carrefour there is quite small, nothing special about it, I still prefer Suntec City one. Bought a 96 CD holder and Matrix Reloaded DVD from there. The DVD is cheap, selling for $29.90 only.

Tried the Oreo Cheese Cake from Baker’s Inn, it tastes good. Had lunch at Mos Burger, as usual, ate the seafood burger. Saw one table of young students being “chase out” by the store manager because they are there studying. I think if it is a group of adults, I doubt the store manager dare to chase them out.

Came home for a rest and to watch the making of Matrix Reloaded on the DVD. Went out to Orchard again for a part 2 shopping. Had some light snack at Chatter’s box at Mandarin Hotel. The ham and cheese sandwiches there rocks, but it is very expensive, $14.90.

Mom went to buy a wok from Tangs, my mom always like these type of stuffs, so do most girls I presumed. LOL.

Will be going to school tomorrow for the last lecture of the semester, ELIT. Boring.