Yesterday went for my last lesson for the semester, ELIT lecture. The lecturer give some tips on ELIT exams, so is very important. Damm scared of ELIT exams, the paper weightage is 70% and the paper is all about memory work. The more free space you have in your brain, the higher marks you get. I hate this type of exams, how many people will still remember all these information after the exams is over. This is sooooo crap.

Went to present my FYP to my client together with some parents at Health Promotion Board, just need some touching up and changes if there is any from the client and wala. It is completed.

Today went to Tangs to change my mom’s wok she bought on Friday because there is so defects. I just don’t understand my dad, want us to go out so early and in the end reach Tangs still must wait for it to open. Crap. Can’t he just leave the house a little later.

Went for a tim sum lunch at Lei Garden after that. Just love the tim sum there. Yummy!~!~

Will be submitting my GAME assignment later.

Any of you all want ELIT tutorials answers, just look for me in IRC/ICQ. Thanks to Lixiang for the answers =D

*Update* Just feel like posting a picture. Terry/Alvin/Lester.