These 2 days, have been slacking even though my JSPG exams is tomorrow. I just hate written programming exams, especially the theory part. Like for example how many JDBC drivers are there. Who really cares about those stuffs. And we are suppose to test on Java Server Pages not damm bloody Java GUI. Lazy programmer like me will use designer for the GUI and not code it.

Went for my 12th driving lesson today, basically today I just keep turning right and right. LOL. Went to meet up with Serene and Lester Goh to study for JSPG at Galeria Cafe(not sure of the spelling) in Popular Bookstore at Chua Chu Kang after my driving. Spent $10 bucks on ham and cheese sandwich and Banana Smoothie. Expensive! Luckily there is no such cafe near my area, if not I am going to be broke as I think most of the time I will patronize it. LOL

Anyway, for those people taking JSPG, I have created a JSPG Summary File. It may or may not help you.