Took my JSPG exams yesterday, the paper was easy. So much easier compared to the mid term test. I think the lecturer is helping us. It is a 2 hour paper, but most of us took less than 2 hours.

After exams went to Clementi for dinner. Lester Goh drove, so I took his car. He drive super fast, imagine 4 people lives in his hand. But then it was quite exciting and can’t complain much because it is a free ride. If not next time no more ride for me! =p

Had my 13th driving lesson today, learned U-Turn today, somehow I find it easier then right turn because my car never swerve. LOL

Came home took a long nap till dinner time. Went to Hans for dinner.

Must at least complete 3 chapters of my ELIT revision later.

Days are drawing to Matrix Revolutions. Everything has a beginning has an end.