How time flies, another 61 days we will be in year 2004. Now I have been used to updating this blog 2 days once. Have not really been studying for ELIT for the past 2 days because I am on holiday mode now. Read through my stack of thick notes twice, then tomorrow will be memorizing the main points.

These few days have been sleeping very late, as late as 4.30am, then today woke up at 3.30pm. Half the day gone. LOL.

Played Worms 3D, the game and its interface is very cute, much cuter than Worms 2. It is also harder to play then Worms 2 because of the 3D environment, so much harder to aim now. But I kinda like the game overall, but I still find Worms 2 better in terms of gameplay.

4 more days till Matrix Revolutions. There is no spoon!