On Sunday, went with my parents to Orchard Cineplex for breakfast at the food court there. I didn’t know that after 14th November 2003, the food court there will be gone because the lease has expired. Not too sure whether they will be another food court or they will be using the place for something else.

Met up with Geargina at Orchard and went to study for ELIT in a Vietnamese cafe at UE Square. The banana milk shake and the spicy Vietnamese noodle is nice (even though it is not really that spicy). Walked around clark Quey before going to Liang Court for dinner. Ate the Japanese Potato (don’t really know how to spell it) Curry Rice from some stall outside the supermarket.

Walked all the way to Esplanade then proceed home. Slept very early that day at around 10.30pm as I was very tired.

Took my ELIT paper today, was quite surprising that the paper was quite easy. Hope can get a B for this module.

After the exams, went with Fiona and co to watch Ong Bak at Plaza Singapura. It is a Thai show, but I love the show. It is action pack and the main actor actions are very very cool. So much better than Jackie Chan and can on par with Jet Li. Think he is an upcoming star. His stunts are all very solid. I don’t think you want to give this show a miss.

After the show went to meet up with Geargina and co to eat Steamboat at a restaurant near Novena Square for dinner. Don’t really know the restaurant name. Not that bad the steamboat but then I prefer home cook steamboat!

As it was still early went to Esplanade for a walk, on our way through CityLink saw Serene and co at Pacific Coffee.

Suppose to go to Esplanade but we stayed at the basement of a link connecting CityLink to Esplanade, the place where there is many people doing skateboarding and break-dancing. Now there is no more skateboarding because of the sign and police patrolling the area.

I think Esplanade is like a protected area, it is not patrolled by normal security guards but by policeman.

We stayed there and play catching and police and thief. Yet it maybe abit too old for us and is a childish game, but nevertheless we had lots of fun running, being chased and catching people. Finally can relived some of our childhood games. Been 7 years since I last played police and thief/catching/block catching. Those were my primary school days. Played until there is 2 patrolling policemen came, thus we stopped after that.

I think almost all our course people went out today after the last paper because we saw quite a number of them on the streets. It is the last exam we are going to take in polytechnic as next semester will be industrial attachment. Yay!

Fiona and Co: Fiona, Xiu Hui, Sabrina, Kai Ni, Lester Goh, Ron, Wei Jian, Bernard, Chee Ming, Calvin
Geargina and Co: Geargina, Elaine, Xiu Yu, Hui Juan, Jacky, Wei Quan, Suqin, Travis, Mr Kenny Ong
Serene and Co: Serene, Laily, Li Xiang, Kenny

Now my leg is aching and my brain is very tired!