Had my 14th driving lesson today, learned how to parked vertically and negotiate slopes on public roads. With the guidance of poles, parking seems to be very easy. While on the other hand slopes is difficult, I think that is my weakest point.

Played abit of Counter-Strike 1.6, don’t know why, ever since CS became version 1, I don’t really like it. Is like any-o-how spray then it will be any-o-how headshot. Whereas last time is really depends on your skills. Well guess that my skills sucks so play for fun!

Tried to design the content part of my layout, well it don’t look really nice. I really hate my own creativity when it comes to design. Thus for my version 2.0, shall concentrate more on the efficiency of programming codes. Don’t really know when can version 2.0 be completed.

In less than 24 hours, Matrix Revolutions will opened in theaters throughout the world. Will be watching on the IMAX version at 10.15pm later. Yea!