Don’t worry, this post will not contain any spoiler if you DON’T click on the read more link below.

Went to Sim Lim Square with Suqin in the afternoon to get the price-lists of some shops. Will be getting a new computer plus an 17 inch LCD screen because my mom office will be buying my current computer. I am thinking of Intel Pentium 4 3.2C GHz, 1GB PC3200 RAM, GeForce FX 5800 128mb and Sound Blaster Audigy. I really like Sony LCD screen design, but it cost $899 and in terms of performance and value for money Samsung 173T win Sony but its design not really that attractive, but still is cheaper so most probably getting that.

As we were early, went to Cyber Byte at Bugis Junction to play Counter-Strike 1.3. Haha, my skills deteriorate alot since my last time there which was about 2 years ago.

Met up with Jacky and Serene and we went round to shop for Li Xiang birthday present before having my light dinner at Delifrance. Went to City Link’s HMV after that because Serene wanted to buy some CDs. She bought Time Machine VCD, shall be borrowing it from her on Saturday. LOL

Met up with David, my secondary school friend at GV Grand to watch Matrix Revolutions. I was early as usual, had a cup of Ice Blended Latte at MacCafe, a new café opened by Macdonalds. The latte was good.

When we are proceeding up to the 3rd level of Great World City, saw Patricia Mok, channel 8 actress who acted in Holland Village. There was ALOT of people outside the entrance of GV Grand, looks like the world wide premiere of Matrix Revolutions is attractive, saw 3 fellow in Coat with Tie, don’t know whether they are hired to be there or just some jokers who is more crazy over matrix than me. Channel 8 and Channel News Asia news reporter was there, if I am not wrong one of them is Cheryl Fox.

After the show ends, another news caster was standing outside the theater and filming and I think she will be interview the 3 fellows. And it is a small world, before we went in, David and I was discussing about that 3 fellows, and who knows inside the theater, they sit just besides us. LOL.

We watched in the IMAX theater which is theater 1 of GV Grand. It was my first time watching it. The ticket is priced at $11 for adults. I must say that the screen is VERY HUGH. We sat at the 5th row from the front, and we need to move our head up, down, left, right to see the whole screen. Certain fast action scenes will make you giddy and I can’t see that scene properly, wonder how can those people sitting the front row bare with it. Make sure you are on the top few rows if you are watching in IMAX theater.

Went over to Zion Hawker Center for supper after the movie, thought that there will be many stalls opened, as I heard from my mom and newspaper that the stalls opened till quite late in the night. But who knows, only an Indian stall opened. So end up eating been hoon goreng.

Took a cab home afterwards and it cost me $6 bucks.

Okie and now on to my personal thoughts on Matrix Revolution. If you do not want spoilers, DON’T click on the read more link till you have watched it.The movie lasted slightly more than 2 hours. It started out exactly where Matrix Reloaded left off. Throughout the movie, the most exciting part is the middle part of the movie whereby the sentinels invade Zion. The final showdown between Neo and Agent Smith was kinda exaggerating but nevertheless both scenes the CG was fantastic.

Trinity died at the last part and Neo did not appear again after the battle. I am still very confused especially the ending. Lots of questions that we have in Reloaded are not answered in Revolutions.

Don’t bother to stay back after the credits, there is nothing.

Shall be watching the Matrix Marathon and try to understand what the story is trying to tell