Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch With Jacky, Serene and Li Xiang and on the way to collect the tickets for Saturday’s Matrix Marathon. Li Xiang went back to SP to return books and the rest of us then went to Jurong Point to look-see look-see. Jean saw us at Jurong Point, and she hit my arm so hard that I got a shock. She went there to get her hair cut, and just nice Serene wanted to trim her hair, so end up both of them went for a hair cut at Storm while Jacky and I went to Mos Burger. Left for home around 6pm.

Today, went for my 15th driving lesson, it was the other instructor who took me, and I got “suan” so many times. The best part of it is that I cannot “suan” him back because I still want to pass my driving! So no choice but to keep quiet and keep nodding my head.

Met up with Jacky and Serene to go to Li Xiang House, Jacky went there to dye his hair, I went there to watch The Time Machine. Had dinner at the Coffeeshop there, the Hokkien Mee there is nice and the service is extremely fast even though there is alot of people.

Came home check my email, receive an email from SP regarding my industrial attachment. I need to go down for an interview on Monday (10th November 2003). SP forever so cock up, inform us so late, 3 days advance notice only. I got no choice but to cancel my driving lesson on that day. Even though in the paper it states that from 10th November 2003 to 19th November 2003 we are suppose to keep ourselves free. But can’t expect us to stay at home for 10 days just to wait for 1 bloody email. Is like when you buy a fridge and it will deliver to your house, the delivery man say that the time is between 9am to 5pm. You can’t even leave house for lunch because you do not even know the exact time he will be coming. At least inform us 1 week in advanced.