Met up with Jacky, Serene, Laily, Johnson and Li Xiang At Suntec’s Carrefour to buy food for Li Xiang birthday steamboat dinner at my place.

Saw the new Nokia 6600 dummy model, not much luck of seeing the actual one, took the brochure. The features are good and the price is kinda reasonably but it is quite fat and bulky. I think the new Sony Ericsson P900 will be better.

Suqin and Geargina came to my place later for the steamboat. This time there are quite alot of left over good, as I always said, when eating steamboat it is always better to have more food then lesser food =D

After the steamboat went to watch The Matrix Trilogy Marathon at Tiong Bahru Plaza. The whole marathon last from 11.30pm to 8.00am. There are 2 breaks in between, the first break last for 60 minutes while the second break last for 90 minutes. GV Tiong opened 3 theaters and all 3 theaters are full. Saw my long lost counter-strike clan leader there too. Last time used to play with my clanmates counter-strike and watch mid-night movie at GV Tiong Bahru. That was like 3 years ago.

For the first break, we went to opposite 7-Eleven, some of us bought the cup noodle and the water used is warm water and the noodle could not be cook because of that. I think too much people is using it.

For the second break, we are provided breakfast, 1 ticket is entitled to collect 1 set of sandwich (butter and tuna). The drinks which are coffee and tea are free flow.

GV Tiong Bahru sits are not comfortable enough and those people who have long legs like Geargina, Johnson, Suqin and I have problems making ourselves comfortable. I thought I will take a short nap, but I managed to last through the marathon.

GV has done a great job for organizing Matrix Trilogy Marathon, hope they will be doing it for Lord Of The Rings, and this time I will book in GV Plaza. I wonder how come they don’t use GV Grand instead of GV Tiong Bahru.

Woke up at 4pm just to go and cut my hair, if not I think I will be sleeping till 7pm. That makes me sleepy now.

Will be going for my industrial attachment interview tomorrow.