Went for my ITP(Industrial Training Program) Interview at The Alpha, Science Park II. The company is Pi Eta Consulting Company. This company deals with financial risk analysis. 7 of us went for the interview, 4 from our course and 3 from DIT if I am not wrong. Out of 7 they will choose around 4-5 people. The job will be converting the current software which is written in VB6 on Windows Platform to web-based. The web programming language used is ASP and database is Microsoft SQL Server.

I kinda like the working environment, it is at Science Park II, my old workplace is just 2 buildings away which my uncle is working in and my mom’s office is also nearby. So when going to working can go with my mom and after work can come back with my mom. So can save on transportation fees. There is a small canteen in The Alpha and there is a shuttle bus provided by Science Park to Clementi during lunch break.

The dress-code is t-shirt and jeans and working time is from 9am to 6pm for weekdays and Saturday is half day. The boss is very open to ideas and is very friendly, is like working for a friend instead of working under an employer. I hope I can get the job. I think after this job, my ASP skills will up another level.