Yesterday went back to school to help my FYP supervisor install our FYP project onto his laptop because he need to show it to the school committee on the following day for marks moderation. Hope can get an A for FYP.

Met up with my group members at Marina Bay MRT to go Long Beach Marina for dinner. It is my treat because I am the leader and the fyp is a successful one, so must enjoy ourselves by eating seafood!

Went to play pool later, as usual I sucks in all these type of games, pool, billiard, bowling, etc.

Today had lunch at Genki Sushi at Forum. Sakae Sushi is definitely much better than Genki Sushi in terms of variety, food and price. But Genki Sushi uses wireless technology, the person will take your order with a handheld device and the information will be transmitted to the kitchen immediately. While on the order hand, Sakae Sushi requires you to order your food through the computer screen. Miss Sakae Sushi sushi buffet =(

The McPepper burger from MacDonalds is back and that got to be my favorite burger from MacDonalds.

Had a night driving lesson today. Now my weak point becomes lane chaning. So must really improved on that area in order to aim to take the Traffic Police test by the end of December.