Yesterday went for a lunch steak meal at Sizzler with Geargina. The price is almost the same as Ponderosa. But the salad bar of Ponderosa has more variety than that of Sizzler. Regarding the choices of steak, Sizzler has more unique choices. But overall, I still prefer Ponderosa. Didn’t know that my Popular card can get a 10% discount there, I practically thought that the Popular Card is useless besides being able to use it at Popular Bookstore.

Walked round Suntec, before having dinner at the Marina Square open air foodcourt. Of course, the only motive when going to the food court there is to eat the minced pork noodle! The queue was kinda long, but when you want to eat good food, you have to be patient!

Went to Esplanade, the amphitheater is having a final rehearsal of a play by Whispering Cities IV – Dolls. After watching it for about 30 minutes, I have still no idea what they are trying to bring across to us, maybe I lack in musical talents. LOL

Today, went to Great World City’s Kenny Rogers for lunch. It has been a long time since I ate Kenny Rogers, if not last time once in 2 weeks I will had a meal at Kenny Rogers. Went for my 17th driving lesson today, basically just drive around the test routes and improving on my weak points.

Been so lazy and used to 2 days 1 blog. LOL