Had a meeting with my client yesterday to discuss about the final changes that need to be made to The Quiet Room and CBT before we upload it to the live server.

As the meeting was quite short, came home after that to take a nap before meeting my secondary school friends at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Long time didn’t been to Tiong Bahru Plaza even though I stayed so near. So many new shops especially the basement 1 and they opened a new branch of Long John Silvers there.

Went to Orchard Road for a walk, from Far East walked all the way to Plaza Singapura to have dinner. We went to the food court, it was kinda full, so we just waited. As there are 6 of us, finding a table was quite difficult. There are 2 scenarios that I want to illustrate that happen to me and Yong Tang.

One: I was waiting for this table that can sit 6 people. I was standing there. Then suddenly one fuck nut auntie just came stand beside me, and the best thing she did was to use her grandson hand and put on the table to so called “book” the table. I also cannot do anything, so just walked away. Why? It is because arguing with an auntie is just lowering your mentality, they will reason with you.

Two: Yong Tang was waiting at the other end for a round table where there is this family who has finished their dinner. The mother ask the family whether want to go because there is people waiting for the table. Then the fuck nut daughter, who seems to be quite mature, just said this “Don’t want, just sit down and talk and let them wait, because we did buy our food.” With this kind of retards around, it will throw all our face.

So end up, we have dinner at Long John Silvers where surprisingly there are plenty of available tables.

Went back to Tiong Bahru Plaza’s Burger King and met up with the rest of my classmates. It has been very long time since I last saw them especially the girls. And they become so much prettier maybe because they know how to dress now. =P

Cheers to Angie, Angeline, Mei Yi, Pei Jun, Victor, Changgen, Calvin, Yong Tang, Shaun, Kai Siang, Kai Siang’s GF, Zhi Wei, Jun Xian, Jie Ting.

Today, had Bak Kut Teh for breakfast at Ng Ah Sio. Came home took a long nap till 6pm, then Calvin, Jun Xian, Yong Tang and Zhi Wei came my house to burn some CDs. Went to Singapore Swimming Club for dinner.