Yesterday went to Funan to buy my mouse with Geargina. Bought the Logitech MX 500 Optical Mouse from PK Computer. Had minced pork noodle from Marina Square for our lunch. The queue was shorter than that day, so took me about 20 minutes or so.

Walked round Suntec’s City and Marina Square. Saw Lynn working at the Singapore Visitor Center. Those round stalls there is near Esprit. As we suppose to meet Elaine and Benjamin at 5.45pm and we were still very early, we took a walk round Raffles City. The computer shop, Planet E+G is now gone. Below at the atrium they are having some sort of Disney fair. Lots of Disney’s stuffs including the latest cartoon, Brother Bear.

Went to Plaza Singapora and met up with Elaine and Benjamin for shopping. They didn’t buy any stuffs, while I bought 2x 208 CD holders from Carrefour, it is on sale, $9.90 for one. Saw the video of Linkin Park Live – In Texas. Looks good, but I think I will wait for Hui Juan to buy the VCD/DVD then I borrow it from her. =P

Overall I think I bought the most things while Geargina only bought 1 blouse. Elaine and Benjamin didn’t buy any stuffs. Feel so bad, it is suppose to be their shopping. LOL

Came home, and waited for Victor, my secondary school friend, to fetch me for supper along with Jun Xian, Calvin and Changgen. The way he drive, don’t know how he pass. Always wide turn and always never slow down when necessary, but anyway got people to fetch for supper is better than nothing. LOL

Had supper at The Cheese Prata shop which it located at Clementi, near NUS. The shop is very crowded but the food is so-so only, and it is quite expensive rather.

Went to watch a 1.20am show at Cineleisure. The movie was Looney Tunes Back In Action. At first some of them was very reluctant to go, but then finally after some physcoing, they went. The show was kinda short, typical storyline and wasn’t really that funny but rather lame. But the plus point is that the animation was very good. They can blend cartoons with the real world so well. Went to an Indian Stall at River Vally Road to drink some coffee/tea before going home.

Today went to meet up with my ex clan leader, he wanted some of my help to maintain a sports website. I agreed to him, and will help him during my free time.

As I did not have enough sleep, came home sleep all the way to 8pm. LOL

Will be having my 21st driving lesson tomorrow. Sitex 2003 in 2 days time. Results 2 days time. Grades in 4 days time.