Yesterday, went to meet up with Geargina for lunch near Parklane. Actually wanted to eat chicken rice, end up eating Parklane Want Ton Mee at some building which I do not know the name. Now I know that the Parklane Wan Ton Mee Stall in Tiong Bahru Plaza is the same as that stall over at Parklane. The Wan Ton Mee taste quite good.

Went to eat Tao Hui from my favorite stall. It has been a long time since I ate the Tao Hui with my secondary school friends. Those were the good old days. Now all of us are busy with our own stuffs, unlike those good old days.

Came home, took a long nap to get back some of my sleep. It was the first episode of the new channel 8 serial drama, entitled Moon Fairy. Didn’t really got a chance to see it since I slept till 8pm.

Today went to meet my FYP project supervisor/ITP supervisor to get some details on the company that I am working for as well as lunch. He treated me lunch at NYDC in Holland Village.

Went to meet up with Geargina to go for driving, she is enrolling for the driving course. Today had my 23rd practical lesson. This time did better for my circuit but outside the road remains the same. Need another 3 lessons before I can book for my Traffic Police Test.

Will be meeting my client tomorrow to upload our FYP to the testing server.