Recently have been raining for almost every day. I just love the weather, so cooling. Very nice weather to eat spicy stuffs and steamboats.

Yesterday, followed my parents to send my brother to tuition somewhere in Bedok. While waiting for his tuition to ends, we went to Tampines Mall for a walk. It was so crowded, just realize Tampines Mall that area has quite a number of shops and buildings for you to shop. I took notice of handphones and caught upon Samsung instead of Nokia 6100 which I intend to get actually. I wanted to give Samsung a try so my choices narrow down to two choices, S300 or s500. I did not want a camera phone as I can’t use it during NS (who would want to steal Singapore Defense Technology).

My brother tuition duration was around 2 hours. Speaking of steamboat earlier on, went to Old Kallang Airport hawker center to eat Fish Head Steamboat. Thanks to the cool weather, I did not even perspire.

Came home did lots of extensive research on s300 and s500. The Internet is always a good place to gather information. s300 has java, is small and sleek but the t9 is not expandable. s500 has no java but the t9 is expandable and uses a 65k TFT screen. Both phones does not support MMS and the interface is not laggy. Slept at 5am after all those researching.

Today, went for lunch at Funan’s newly open Swensen. We ordered 3 set meals and we can take a neo-photograph for free worth $6, something like neoprint, so I called it neo-photograph. Went to take my Maxonline gifts at the 6th level of Funan besides Challenger, a HP PSC-1350 and a BenQ Digital Camera. The HP All-In-One is good but I find the BenQ Digital Camera is very redundant and lousy.

Went to pray at Waterloo street later for my good results and for my driving test. Wanted to go Bugis, but seeing the long carpark queue and on top of that my dad is impatient, thus end up in Raffles City. After a walk around Raffles City and 1/2 a walk around City Link, we went home.

But after a while came out again to buy my handphone and my mom want to change her Singtel Plan. This time without my brother and dad but with my grandparents, we went to Bugis. Bought Samsung SGH-S500 and trade in my Sony Ericsson T610 for $300. The sales person keep saying “are you sure?”. T610 is a good phone with lots of features and that is why it lags so much. It is really up to individual preference. Total paid only $38 for the phone. It is quite worth it and I just want to give Samsung a try.

Connecting it to my computer is really hassle free unlike my previous Nokia and Sony Ericsson Phones. The phone software just lacks synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook.

Will be posting some thoughts of the phone tomorrow after I have used it for a while.