Day 1 of some so called Flash Design Workshop. Thought it starts at 9am as stated by the e-mail. Reached there at 8.45am and realize it starts at 9.30am. The place was at T131/32. It is a lecturer’s learning block where lecturers are so called taught on a particular module, and they in turn teaches us. Went in after 9.30am, check my SP email, and realize it was 9.30am. The first email they sent to my Singnet and SP Account but the 2nd email they send to my SP Account. Some SP lecturers is one hell of a blur sotong.

The workshop as what the lecturer told me is suppose to be Web and Flash Design, but so far is only in Flash, and I went not because of the Flash but because of the Web Design. End up spend 1 whole day learning flash from the start, but the stuffs he teach is at intermediate level. Wish he is our lecturer but he is a lecturer lecturer, if you get what I mean. I am not sure where is he from. I think should be England as he keep saying bad things about Americans.

During lunch break, only Mac Donald’s is open in SP, maybe tomorrow shall go Clementi and eat. Got some “Christmas Present” from him. A SIGG like water bottle and a 2004 Calendar. Both of them are from Macromedia. The calendar is very nice. That guy is a nice guy just that what he taught I already knew that is why I find it boring.

Met up with Hafiz to watch Infernal Affairs 3 at GV Marina after that. The movie is VERY complicating, keep switching between present and past. The first one is still the best.

After using my phone for about 1 day. Let me list down some good/bad points about it

» Clear & Bright Screen
» Loud Polyphonic Ringing Tones
» Small & Compact
» Phonebook Cannot Filter By SIM/Memory In Phone
» Doesn’t List Phonebook Group Members
» It Doesn’t Lag And Somehow I Find It Faster Than Nokia Phones
» Can’t Change The T9 Word Once You Press Space. For Example (once you key in “test” and press space, it cannot go back to change it to “vest” without clearing the letters)

So far thats all about it.