Had Laksa from Depot Road for my breakfast before going to school for day 2 of the Flash Workshop. Today lesson was very short and we went home after lunch because our ang-moh lecturer was not feeling well as he ate the wrong food for dinner yesterday, and thus food poisoning. I don’t know to be happy or to be sad. Happy is that I can go home early because I was so tired but sad because he took his time off to teach us and he got food poisoning.

Came home took a long nap all the way to 8pm, felt so great after that. Been lack of sleeps for the past few days. But actually today I learned quite a number of Flash stuffs from him. I must say the way he do stuffs in flash is VERY efficient. Learned how to create mouse trail, sliding menu, bouncing ball with physics using just a few lines of codes from action script. I know I start my lesson today instead of yesterday.

I hope he is alright and going to teach more advanced stuffs tomorrow.