Sighz, envy those people who watched the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Marathon today. But nevermind shall watched it tomorrow. Thanks to my uncle Terry, I got 3 free tickets to watch LOTR: Return Of The King at Shaw Lido tomorrow. The show will starts at 8.30pm. He also passed me 2 tickets for a free popcorn combo set. He told me that Starhub gave him those tickets. I think i going to watch this show at least 2 more time, one with Serene and Co and the other with David. But first things first, tomorrow will be going with Geargina and Xiu Yu.

Finally going to have my driving lesson tomorrow, been 1 week since my last lesson, and I kinda missed driving. LOL.

Today went to the workshop for only 1/2 the day, and after lunch came back home to take a nap, because I am tired due to waking up to early.

My new layout is working with WordPress, an upgraded version of b2 on my localhost. Now just to get the stupid header done. I really sucks in designing.