Had 27th driving lesson yesterday, not that bad but always at this time (4.40pm) slot there is lots of traffic due to people getting home from work. Met up with Geargina at BBDC, she went to take the BTT Evaluation. She is better than me, it took me like 7 times before I can pass my evaluation and she only took 1 time. Today got only 6 points for my evaluation rather then my previous one which is like 26 points.

Went to Clementi to fix her spectacles and on the way we decided to have dinner there instead of at Orchard. Met up with Xiu Yu later at Shaw. It was really crowded at Lido. I think the whole theater 1 is being book by Starhub. And the theater is really huge. But I still don’t like Lido seats. It is very cramp for people who have long legs.

The duration of Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King is around 3 hours and 30 minutes. I must say the movie is VERY FANTASTIC. Especially those CGI effects and monsters because it looks so real. The movie really reminds me of Warcraft III, where there are 4 races, and each race abilities is similar to the movie.

The human race are always outnumbered but end up they always win. The battle scenes are FANTASTIC, much better than the first and second part. If you would ask me for a rating, I will give it full marks. LOL. Just a spoiler, the undead rocks. After the movie, it totally change my views of the undead race.

Thanks to my mom who came to fetch Geargina, Xiu Yu and I home. After sending them home, went with my mom to the 24 hours cheese prata shop. Love their Ikan Bilis Bee Hoon Goreng.

Later on will have another driving lesson.